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COBRE for women in science and engineering on osteoarthritis



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(from UDaily 6/15/2007)

Project Overview

The scientific goal of this COBRE proposal is to create the infrastructure and expertise base to address the mechanisms of OA, as well as its prevention and treatment. We propose to develop multidisciplinary research in the field of osteoarthritis (OA), from the lab bench to the clinic, with a unique focus on mentoring Women In Science and Engineering (WISE). In this proposal, each of the five projects is lead by a women faculty member.  The uniqueness of the approach to be employed by our center will be the examination of OA from the integrated perspectives of tissue mechanics, biomechanics, physical therapy and clinical intervention.  Five projects will be carried out under the Center umbrella. They span the continuum from tissue engineering to clinical evaluation. The project participants are drawn from multiple academic units in the Colleges of Engineering, Arts & Sciences, and Health Sciences. Each project has faculty from multiple departments working together as a multidisciplinary team.  (PI: Thomas Buchanan)

Individual projects are:

  1. Perlecan and Heparanase in Cartilage Growth and Healing (PI: Catherine Kirn-Safran)
  2. Solute Transport in the Subchondral Bone Plate of Osteoarthritic Joints (PI: Liyun Wang)
  3. Risk Factors for Progression of Osteoarthritis of the Knee (PI: Jill Higginson)
  4. Joint Loading and the Progression of Osteoarthritis following Total Knee Arthroplasty (PI: Lynn Snyder-Mackler)
  5. Knee Stiffness, Proprioception and Instability affect Knee Control in OA (PI: Katy Rudolph)


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